• Easy-to-identify syringe plungers
  • Color coding to clearly differentiate
  • Choice of vials or prefilled syringes

Enhanced Protection

  • Matrix-CTM adjuvant
  • Updated strain – South Africa/4/03 with Newmarket/2/93
  • Innovative cell line production
  • Whole virus

Proven Efficacy

  • Stringent challenge study with Richmond/1/07
  • Serological evidence of long-term protection
  • Serological link to previous challenge studies

Vaccine Expertise

  • #1 European Equine vaccine supplier
  • After more than 9 years and >10 million doses of Equillis Prequenza (Te) sold, local and systematic reactions are rare (<1 per 1,000 doses sold)

Influenza Vaccine Development

Watch this interview of Mike Francis, Executive Director, Research & Development, MSD Animal Health

Enhanced Protection

Watch this video to learn how to protect against equine influenza through enhanced immunogenicity

MSD Animal Health is at the forefront of equine veterinary medicine. Our broad global portfolio contains several core veterinary products in most therapeutic areas. Notable examples are vaccines such as Equilis Prequenza. With equine influenza continuing to be the most common viral respiratory disease found in horses, one of the most effective ways to manage it is to vaccinate with Equilis Prequenza.