Partners in Reproduction


  • Easy-to-identify syringe plungers
  • Color coding to clearly differentiate
  • Choice of vials or prefilled syringes

Enhanced Protection

  • Matrix-CTM adjuvant
  • Updated strain
    - South Africa/4/03 with Newmarket/2/93
  • Innovative cell line production
  • Whole virus

Proven Efficacy

  • Stringent challenge study with Richmond/1/07
  • Serological evidence of long-term protection
  • Serological link to previous challenge studies

Vaccine Expertise

  • #1 European Equine vaccine supplier
  • After more than 9 years and >10 million doses of Equillis Prequenza (Te) sold, local and systematic reactions are rare (<1 per 1,000 doses sold)

Influenza Vaccine Development

Watch this interview of Mike Francis, Executive Director, Research & Development, MSD Animal Health

Enhanced Protection

Watch this video to learn how to protect against equine influenza through enhanced immunogenicity